Vacation glow is a real thing. Getting tan, relaxing, and sipping margaritas in your bikini is actually a way to improve your motivation. If you’re feeling stressed or depressed, a vacation will not only give you a break from the work day, but it will improve your demeanor when you return.

Studies have shown that the three days after you return to work from a vacation break, 68% of people will have a “sunnier disposition” and motivation will increase 57% for the average employee. Meanwhile, 66% felt re-energized.

Part of the reason that vacations do this to us is the relaxation, intake of sun, carefree feeling, etc. If you feel confident, you’ll look confident which is a great benefit of a vacation. When you return relaxed from your vacation you’ll spread positivity to the people around you.

So stop using fake tans to give you that summer-kissed glow and start using your vacation days, as it can actually be a psychological boost to your performance as well as a sun-filled getaway. Humans on average spend 284 days of their lives daydreaming about vacation, so pack up your cutest swimwear and best “going out” clothes, most importantly enjoy relieving stress on your vacation.