(Photo Source: Refinery 29)

Beauty guru unveils the secret beauty products that lie in her purse

In recent years, a new sort of career has been created: YouTuber. From lifestyle to beauty to fitness to video gaming to comedy and more, people have found ways to make fame out of anything. And Amber Scholl is no exception, launching a full-fledged career after posting a DIY marble-floor-on-a-budget video to her YouTube account. She shot to fame quickly, gaining hundreds of thousands of followers in a short period of time, with her now maintaining a subscriber count in the millions. Additionally, she is estimated to be worth a million dollars.

Her first video really set Amber off the direction of her new niche, creating a budget DIY market that hadn’t yet been tapped. She continued to create these videos, though she also brought in a focus on other passions of hers: fashion and beauty. Recently, Amber randomly shared the beauty products she had in her $835 Louis Vuitton purse, and the high number of products she had spanned brands and categories, from several of Kim Kardashian’s beauty brand KKW lip liners to Ardell Lash faux mink fake lashes from Ulta.