Cosmetic bags have always been a problem for me…they are literally like a black hole. I have makeup stored from a year ago, makeup that has dried out, and makeup that I don’t even like. So it’s safe to say it’s hard to find the good stuff, which tends to be at the bottom of the bag, which causes it to be dumped out so I can find what I need faster. And forget about when you have to travel, you literally have to dig through all of the makeup and find which ones not only work, but are not old and dried out…but you don’t have to worry about that anymore!

It’s called Lay-N-Go COSMO! It’s a cosmetic bag that converts into an easily transportable handled clutch allowing for quick and effortless clean-up of your cosmetics. It’s literally that simple! And below are some of my favorite features.
Both Shell and Liner provide a water repellent/wipe-able surface and are easy to wash clean
5 center elastic strap to hold special brushes or lipsticks
A 7×5 pocket on the inside surface to stow any special brushes, pills, feminine products, or jewelry
Durable nylon cord and cord lock provide a quick and easy opening/closing system
A velcroed front storage pocket provides a place to stow the drawstring
Textured nylon handle adds both comfort and convenience for carrying
Dimension: 20 diameter

HOw cool is that! For more on the Lay-N-Go Cosmo be sure to check out the video above!