The pony tail and bob continue to be hot looks, with last year’s 80’s style pixie cuts and spikey fringes giving way to retro looks of the 70’s.

This summer, jump on the bandwagon as the Occupy Wall Street movement inspires a solid return to a new age of social and fashion rebellion…


Gone are the bold and bright highlights of summer’s past, as this year’s runway hair colors were seen ranging from solid auburn to red to platinum blond. Also rockin’ has been the Ombre hair color trend (dark roots gradually fading to light) that is predicted to go full swing into the summer.

For those who like to color outside the box, there are also some highly unusual looks to try this season including neon blues, reds, and greens for a fun ’70’s punk rock look. If you’re feeling especially frisky, 70’s rockabilly hair (a la Jessica Simpson as Daisy Duke) is another look returning to the summer scene in 2012.

Finally, if you really want to turn heads, how about the new way-out color that everyone’s talking about — gray hair! — with pop stars such as Pink, Katy Perry, and others showing up on the red carpet sporting silver and gun metal gray mops.


Styles, lengths and cuts were once again all over the place at the Spring-Summer 2012 fashion events including buns, rolls and bobs, looped-under ponytails, and even big bouncy hair celebrating everything 70’s blow-dried!

Don’t forget the curling iron for a return of elaborate homemade curls also seen on 2012 spring/summer runways.

On the flip side, parted hair is also popular this summer, either placed on the side or straight up the middle, combined with another new hot hair trend this year – the wet look.

Still very hot for summer 2012, fringe cuts were tops on many of the runway’s top models. Fringe can add elegance or make a bold statement. Look for variations with fringe cuts to bring out your personality and facial structure. Soft and wispy fringes, casual choppy edges and strong bold lines will all be hot. You’ll find fringe cuts that go full length, others flowing mid length or brought forward into the eye. It’s all about having fun, being sexy and being yourself

The cut that complements all the others in high fashion circles this season is lengths of layers with casual textures. The natural look is easy to create with layers of unstyled, free moving hair. Not a lot of curl but plenty of slightly tousled waves added to the volume and texture make this a fun way to style your hair.

Yes, the ’70s afro is back! Forget the strong silhouette of decades past. This time around, the current fashion is for a softer look with curly texture and caramel highlights for a luxurious and breezy look for the summer of 2012.


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