A romance-inspired Haute Couture showcase

One of the leading fashion houses known for exquisite Haute Couture designs is Giambattista Valli with a romance-inspired Spring/Summer 2021 collection. The latest Valli collection is Valentine’s Day outfit inspiration with a touch of elegance of Haute Couture.

The runway showcase was inspired by the 1960s featuring long flowing ruffles, flowers, bows, and monochromatic color themes. The collection featured a tulle gown representing the shape of a blooming flower with a unique silhouette with voluminous white tulle for the skirt and red flower embellishments for the bodice.

The Haute Couture showcase features a male dancer wearing all white representing the divine messenger from Olympus to Earth to infuse spirits with elegance, wisdom, and goodness. Each style featured in the collection inspires the connection between different elements brought together by the messenger.

The models wore the 1960s inspired hair and makeup with winged eyeliner, backcombed hairstyles, and elaborate floral hair accessories. The collection featured traditional Valentine’s Day colors including white, pink, and red with a daring touch of black.

The black pieces featured from the collection are dramatic while the red is more on the sexy side. The white and pink pieces feature delicate details for sweet and whimsical styles. One dress stood out from the rest featuring a mixed medium of white features with some pink and green accents.