(Photo Source: Essence.com)

The Former First Lady Keeps It All Natural For The Essence Festival

Michelle Obama came into the Essence Festival in New Orleans with a bang, rocking her natural curls and some of the prettiest ombré highlights we’ve ever seen.

It was just around two weeks ago that Michelle Obama made a visit to New Orleans to promote her recent best-selling book, Becoming. She was visiting to discuss several different topics, from family to health and much more, with Gayle King.

When she took the stage, the audience and Michelle’s many fans were quick to notice a bit of a hair change with Michelle rocking gorgeous, voluminous natural curls, as well as a fresh set of ombré highlights. While they came for the discussion, they were here for the look.

Following the festival, Michelle shared a peek at her visit with her Instagram followers, giving everyone another peek at her gorgeous new hairstyle. Fans went nuts in her comments, exclaiming how much they loved her look. If we’re lucky, we’ll all get to see more looks of hers this summer, including all our favorite Michelle Obama hair and fashion styles.