You may remember the “Kanye Workout Plan” now he’s working on the Kanye fashion plan and whipping new recruits into shape on the styling of his Yeezy collection. Here are a couple of style tips for staying on brand in true Yeezy form.

An expensive plain white t-shirt is your new style staple because it can go with every outfit imaginable and is great for all casual and formal occasions. Another Yeezy style must is maintaining a minimalist neutral color palette with white, black, brown, and tan.

You can’t go wrong with a gold chain for a touch of glam with a minimalist style, a gold chain also makes a great statement piece tying any outfit together. Wearing something that looks brand new is out of style when it comes to Kanye, it’s all about the distressed look through shirts and jeans.

“I am so credible and so influential, and so relevant that I will change things” – Kanye West

The only acceptable shoe option is, of course, an expensive pair of Yeezy sneakers that are also great for any casual or formal occasion. One of the cardinal rules of rocking the Yeezy collection is to do nothing but take selfies, a rule Kanye learned from his social media-obsessed wife Kim Kardashian. After all, with no selfies how are you going to create a huge coffee table picture book?

For more on the Yeezy styling tips from Kanye, check out the video above.