If you’re a beauty world follower like us and spend countless hours on YouTube, you may have already come across one of the most, ahem, interesting beauty trends out right now: the spoon facial massage. While this trend started out in the land of all things beauty-related, Asia, it made its way over to us and now we’re intrigued.

coconut oil

By performing this facial massage, you’ll be getting rid of toxins in your skin, toning facial muscles, and improving circulation by draining the lymph nodes. This, in turn, aids in achieving a “slimmer” face which we assume is helpful to those who have a puffy face due to a high sodium diet. If achieving a slimmer, smaller face is a concern, this massage claims to do just that.

So how does it work? If you’re a worldly eater, head over to your pantry and grab a ceramic Chinese spoon. Use a bit of your favorite facial oil and pat it on your face to reduce friction. Take the widest part of the spoon and start from the mouth and move outwards towards the cheeks. Pretty simple, no?

We’re not ones to judge beauty trends (we’ve tried them all!) but it is important to note that there are beauty trends all around the world that cater to specific countries and this particular beauty trend mainly appeals to Asian countries where a smaller face is part of their beauty standards. We happen to think all face shapes are beautiful but we think it’s pretty cool to try out something like this, especially if it works.

If face slimming isn’t your thing, this massage would be worth a try if you want an overall healthier face with proper blood circulation.

Want to give a go? Check out the video!

(Cover image: Keenan & Co.)