(Photo Credit: indepedent.co.uk)

Spice Up Your Life With Spice Girl Fashion

For women who grew up in the ’90s, it’s safe to say that much of their inspiration for fashion, confidence, and inspiration came from pop culture phenomenons like Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, and the Spice Girls. And just as Britney and Christina had their own distinct styles, each of the Spice Girls had a style they were distinctively known for.

Geri Horner, AKA Geri Halliwell, or Ginger Spice (as you might know her better by) had a look she was very well known for. It very often included items that fit her unique style, like wild red hair, shiny red platform boots, and a skintight Union Flag dress.

When the Spice Girls were at their peak and at the height of their careers in 1996, Geri was 24 years old. The Spice Girls have now planned a reunion to take place this year, and many questions have been asked about what Geri will be wearing.

When fans wondered if she would be making any appearances in her old Union Flag dress, a source stated that Geri planned to dress more “age appropriately” for this tour, as she is a married mother.