There are a few different reasons why a girl can get acne and you’re probably aware of them already: stress, that time of the month, and anything involving hormone spikes. You treat the acne and you assume that it’ll go away if you’re aren’t suffering from any of the obvious acne-causing reasons. But what happens when an obvious breakout isn’t being caused by an obvious reason?

See what other sneaky causes could be causing acne on your face and neck.

Your pillow case. Think about it: you go lay your face on your pillow for at least 5 hours every night and depending on the temperature in your room you could be sweating through the night. Your face naturally produces oils as well and if you’re not washing your pillow case regularly, you’ll be getting acne spots regularly.

Talking on the phone. Your cell phone is constantly on your face and on other surfaces. Combine the bacteria with your face and the bacteria on however many surfaces you lay your phone on and you’ve got a recipe for abundant acne. Use a Bluetooth or clean your phone after every use to avoid breakouts on your cheeks.

Wearing hats. If you have a few close teenagers in your life that love hats, you’ve probably noticed that they may have acne on their foreheads. This can happen because of sweat, collected oil, and friction in the area. If you’re a fan of hats, wash them often especially in the summer

New skincare or makeup. The skin needs time to adjust to anything new going onto it so breakouts occur when you are trying out a new product or even a few at the same time. Try out one product at a time and give it at least 2 weeks to adjust. The same goes for makeup such as primer and any type of foundation.

To see additional reasons on why you could be breaking out, check out the videos above and also check out this article from, it’s a comprehensive guide which features 21 ways to control acne!