Packing for a weekend getaway isn’t exactly rocket science but for women, it’s not very easy either. You keep trying to convince yourself that it’s just 2 days rather than a whole week but you most likely still try to shove your whole closet and vanity in to that little duffle bag. When you finally arrive to your destination, a great deal of regret starts rushing through your body because you either forgot some essentials or what you brought along isn’t weather appropriate. Sound familiar?


Packing like a pro is more about smart and resourceful thinking than anything else. You might want to really bring those metallic Jimmy Choo’s along but with a little self-control and some simple tips, you’ll have everything you need and will still look great on vacation.

Be weather conscious. Find out what climate you’re going to vacation in and look at their weekend forecast. It seems simple enough but going to a cozy cabin in the mountains isn’t the same as going to Bora Bora. For tropical climates, bring a light rain coat for spontaneous rain or for a colder climate, bring your warmest sweater.

Essentials are a good starting point. After you’ve considered the climate, think of pieces you absolutely can’t do without whether it’s your favorite pair of jeans or a solid colored dress that can be styled in differents way. When it comes to heels, bring a pair or two that will go with everything that you’ve packed so that’s you’ll have more room to pack other things.

Comfort. You’re on a mini vacation so try to be as comfortable as possible. Try going for flats and a good pair of fashionable sneakers to give your feet a break. Clothing should also be comfortable so take a break from that pencil skirt and blazer and opt for something with more breathing room.

Follow these simple tips and you’ll be ready for your next weekend trip in no time without leaving anything behind.


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