Famously said by Kim Kardashian “Don’t put a bumper sticker on a Bentley” tattoos are something that are a big commitment. It all depends on your personal preference and whether you find tattoos something that you like. If you’re not ready to take the plunge on a permanent mark, temporary tattoos maybe something you’ll want to consider.

Do you want to tattoo but no needles or pain involved, or something that you could later on regret? A new company from Canada is seriously becoming viral with its semi-permanent tattoos. It’s called Ink Box, and was started by two brothers who always knew they wanted tattoos, but the trendy tattoos they desired were most likely going to fade out within a few years and become a regret.

These temporary tattoos stay on your skin for about 18 days, and over 500,000 tattoos have been used by Ink Box. It raise the United States over $16 million in funding… and most people know especially if they’re younger, that their tattoos are probably going to change and what they like, as they change and grow older too.

You can change your tattoos like you would change your clothes, and most people consider them temporary body adornments. In this day and age with so many things to choose from when it comes to tattoos, it can be hard to commit to just one thing.

If you want a tattoo that’s more inclusive, then an Ink Box tattoo could be for you!