Inside the personal life of Nikkie de Jager

One of the original beauty gurus of YouTube known as NikkieTutorials is revealing more of her personal life with a new YouTube docuseries “NikkieTutorials: Layers Of Me.” The new docuseries follows Nikkie de Jager’s journey of becoming a rising YouTuber starting at the age of 14 and the docuseries features footage starting in 2018.

Nikkie is known for her beauty YouTube channel and the docuseries will reveal insider knowledge of the beauty community. In the first video, Nikkie pulls the curtain back on the beauty industry revealing the behemoth that is the promotional aspect of the beauty industry.

Nikkie reveals that makeup is the new perfume industry that boomed in the early 2000s with nearly every celebrity creating their own fragrance to promote that is comparable to the current model of the beauty industry. The docuseries will also spotlight Nikkie’s career accolades in the beauty community including her collaborations, creating makeup collections, working with Morphe, and being named the global artistry adviser for Marc Jacobs Beauty.

The docuseries will be filmed and directed by Dutch filmmaker, Linda Hakeboom, who met Nikkie while filming a reality TV series and has previously filmed with Nikkie. Hakeboom is the perfect person to tell the personal story of Nikkie and revealing more about the YouTuber’s personal life.

“Layers Of Me” will also reveal more Nikkie’s personal life that she kept private in the past talking about her young brother’s cancer diagnosis, being bullied as a kid, her relationship with her fiancee Dylan, being robber at gunpoint in the Netherlands in August, and being forced to come out as a transwoman.

Earlier this year Nikkie posted her most personal video to date on YouTube coming out as a transwoman that she kept a secret from everyone except her close family. The series even reveals behind the scene footage of Nikkie and Hakeboom filming the coming out video with a personal conversation between the two long-time friends. Nikkie disclosed she started the transition process when she was 14 and completed the full transition by 19.

During the beginning of her transition, Nikkie decided to create her own YouTube channel with beauty tutorials as a way to express herself and grew in popularity over time. Since releasing her coming out video, Nikkie has focused mostly on beauty for her YouTube channels but the new docuseries will reveal more about Nikkie’s personal life.

“Nikkie Tutorials: Layers Of Me” is available now on YouTube with the first episode available for free and the remaining three available on YouTube Premium that offers a free 1-month trial.