Even with the length, texture and style of our hair we still look for several ways to make sure every last strand is as lustrous as possible. In a bid to repair all the damages caused by chemicals, hot tools (heat), the unpredictable weather and even genetics we opt for the hair mask.

This should not be confused with your daily conditioner. The hair mask or masque is thicker and more intense than the conditioner. You should leave it on for some 15 minutes max. but you can also leave it overnight if your strand requires something extra.

Not all masks work for your hairstyle so you need to be careful when choosing them. I’ll list some here which are good for different hair types, so check them carefully.

Curly Hair
This mask would remove the frizz and would make the curls soft making your hair happy. It may be pricey but you’ll definitely get the best effect.

Long Hair
For the long and little heavy hair. It has this oil-rich formula packed and full of quinoa, sunflower seed oil, rahua oil all which helps to smooth that dull hair.

Color-Treated Hair
This is gotten from a wild mango butter, edelweiss flower extract and the Keratin packed formula used to make your hair soft and healthy.

Dry Hair
This is what you use when you really need “intensive care” What this mask does is that it repairs that dry, tired and compromised hair of yours after one single use.

Damaged/Sensitized Hair
It has that delicious smell and ingredients like olive oil to go into those damaged strands and repair them. Have this at home and you’ll begin to feel as if you just got back from the salon.