Trendiest Accessories for 2012

This spring season 2012, the latest trends are all about vibrant colors and eye-catching designs. Many of the hottest accessories may already be things that you already own; it’s all about wearing them in a stylish way. Along with spring essentials, this guide will give you ideas on how to accessorize your latest spring look.

1. Tangerine Orange

Nothing says bright and fun like tangerine, a vibrant shade of orange. While coral has already made its mark in fashion, this particular orange will make an even bigger statement. If tangerine is bolder than what you’re used to, try wearing small doses at first. Accessories like belts, bracelets, scarves and cocktail rings are perfect to start off with. However, if you’d like to make a statement, opt for clutches, floppy hats and collar necklaces for a head turning look.

2. Floral Prints

Flower designs and motifs have always been a staple in fspring fashion. You might wonder, when are florals not on trend? While the answer is never, floral prints and patterns have made an even bigger impression this particular spring season. Fortunately, accessories are one of the best ways to wear florals. Printed purses, scarves and headbands are all stylish options when it comes to this staple pattern.

3. Miniature Charms

The trend of oversized accessories have taken a turn for dainty, miniature details. For spring 2012, you can often find this trend on bracelets and necklaces. Keep an eye out for delicate chain jewelry featuring a tiny charm of your favorite motif. From letters and hearts to crosses and peace signs, you’ll be sure to find one that works for you. Necklaces and bracelets are both ideal for layering, but still work great by themselves. This trend is stylish in the most simple and chic way.

4. Mint Green

During the springtime, all shades of pastel are must-have essentials. These colors are especially popular once the Easter season begins. This spring 2012, mint green has stolen the spotlight as the trendiest pastel of the moment. This feminine shade of green works extremely well with neutrals, creating a fun yet chic combination. If you’d like to incorporate this color into your wardrobe, try accessorizing with a mint green headband, skinny belt or bracelet bangle.

5. Fedoras

A popular accessory in the ‘90s, fedoras are a type of hat that have been making quite the comeback this spring. Fedoras have a class y and offbeat vibe to them, making them perfect for creating an interesting statement look. In women’s fashion, they have a menswear inspired feel that is perfect for bringing a stylish spin to dresses, blazers and tunics. Spring days can be windy and unpredictable, making a fashionable fedora an ideal piece for the season.

6. Teashade Sunglasses

Thanks to the longer days and shorter nights, sunglasses are a must during every spring season. This year, the most popular type of sunglasses features frames that are perfectly circular and round. They are also known as teashade sunglasses, and were once a staple in the ‘70s. Today, this boho inspired accessory can be spotted everywhere, from the runway to the streets. With a pair of teashade sunglasses, you can protect your eyes from the sun and create an on trend look.

7. Royal Blue

With so many color trends this season, you can be sure that you’ll find something that works for you. If you love rich jewel tones, you’ll love this spring’s trend of royal blue. This particular shade manages to be both deep and vibrant, creating a statement look in itself. Just like mint green and tangerine, using bold statement pieces is a great way to wear this trend. Opt for bold accessories such as turban headbands, scarves or even sunglasses.


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