In terms of accessories this year has been all about statements, statement handbags, statement necklaces and now statement rings has become super fashion fashionable. Typically unless it’s an engagement ring this particular accessory can get a little lost in the crowd. But this year rings are standing out and making bold and brazen fashion statements of their own.  We’ve seen everything from daring geometric inspired rings to oversized blinged out rings in all different shades of funky and fresh colors. There are literally thousands of different looks to choose from but we have managed to make a list of our top three favorite statement ring styles.

Giant Gem Ring

The giant gem ring is probably the most common way to rock this trend. We love every style of this look from eye catching ruby, to cool and chic aquamarine.  This type of statement ring is great for a cocktail party or even at work, and you don’t have to worry about the price tag because there are plenty of popular ring styles that mimics the look of precious stones without the hefty.

Finger Cuff Rings

The finger cuff is a super edgy and bold way to rock this trend. We love the look of a finger cuff when paired with other rings that are small and function as accents to the larger statement ring. For example, you could opt to wear a bronze finger cuff on your index finger and accent that with a few skinny stackable rings on your pinky.

Bow Rings

This is probably our favorite way to rock the statement ring trend. Bow rings are so adorable and transition perfectly from work wear to a going out ensemble. This polished and ladylike style of ring is playful, youthful and shows off a hint of personality too.