When you think of cowboy boots visions of the old Western films may pop into your head. Well think again, because in 2012 cowboy boots are getting a much needed makeover. Designers are taking average cowboy boots and making them fancy. By adding unique patterns and colorful hues, this Texan classic is becoming a chic modern trend. Celebrities like Jessica Simpson, Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift and Jessica Alba have been spotted wearing cowboy boots with everything from jeans to dresses.  The reason these manly boots have such an appeal is because they add an unexpected quirky touch to any outfit.

You could opt for the classic, cowboy boots and jeans look which is perfect for fall. Tuck a light pair of skinny jeans inside rich brown cowboy boots and pair with a brown leather jacket and white t-shirt. You could always choose to pair your cowboy boots with an airy summer dress. Pair a deep purple sundress with cream colored cowboy boots for a casual daytime look.  You could also try pairing you cowboy boots with leggings, this look transitions well into the winter months. Combine black leggings with an embroidered tunic top, and pair with black and silver cowboy boots.

Try The Trend Tips

Ready to wrangle yourself a pair of cowboy boots, here are a few tips to help you avoid looking like an extra in a country Western film.

Avoid going totally cowboy themed; don’t pair cowboy boots with plaid or cowboy hats.  Because this look can get costume-ish quick, be careful what you pair your boots with.

Don’t be afraid of bold colored boots, like red, mint green or pink. Just make sure your bright boots are the highlight of your outfit. Don’t pair your bright boots with stripes, loud patterns or contrasting colors.

Take care of your boots; if you buy a high quality pair of cowboy boots they might set you back a pretty penny. However, it will be worth it if you take care of the leather and store them properly after you wear them.