Digital textile prints are taking the fashion world by storm, unlike your typical prints; digital prints are rich with saturated color, graphic photography and custom designs made specifically to flatter the cut of each garment.  Advancements in printing technology are to thank for the emergence of this popular new print fad. Digital print clothing is popping up everywhere and on everything like shoes, leggings, jeans, skirts, blouses, bikinis and dresses. Many designers prefer to custom design their own digital prints to enhance the look of their clothing. Some favorite digital print styles are the collage effect, color blocking and even a play on 3D texture fabrics.

For a simple and understated way to rock this trend we recommend opting for a shift dress with a fun and funky digital print. Since the dress has such a simple cut it can handle a more outspoken print, and though the print may be bold you’ll still look sophisticated and classic. For a bolder way to rock the digital print trend we suggest opting for some awesome digital print leggings and pairing them with a simple black tunic top.  This look will allow all of the focus to be directed toward the fun print on your leggings.

Try The Trend Tips

The digital print trend is here to stay, so we highly recommend you add a few fun prints into your wardrobe this year.

Head to toe digital print is something you’ll probably want to stay away from, unless the print is very docile. Normally one digital print piece is enough to make a fun fashion statement.

Digital print looks great on accessories as well as clothing, so look for purse and shoes that are adorned with a trendy digital print.