Louis Vuitton has just announced the latest fresh faces for the upcoming ads of smartwatch ‘Tambour Horizon’. The line-up of new models includes the long-time “Game of Thrones” star, Sophie Turner.

Sophie Turner has played as Sansa Stark ever since the start of the series in 2011 on HBO. Previously, she revealed having to go days and weeks of not washing her hair just to make her role in the fantasy series more realistic.

This time, 22-year-old Turner is taking on a new role: the star of the French luxury fashion house’s newest campaign.

The Tambour Horizon is Louis Vuitton’s very own luxury smartwatch, which promises new designs, new colors, and new materials, such as white ceramic.

Previews show Turner and the rest of the stars in a rugged desert area looking out to the sea. Turner is wearing a long-sleeved black knit turtleneck and an A-line skirt with the Louis Vuitton signature print. On her left wrist is the white Tambour Horizon. “Here and now I live to move, I trace my path to the beat of the horizon… we move in orbit.”

This isn’t her first time doing a fashion gig, although it is her first time to be cast in an advert for a smartwatch. The actress has previously joined other ready-to-wear fashion campaigns, some also by Louis Vuitton.