Gold a very multifunctional concept, the metal can be used in electronics, treating disease, in astronaut’s suits, and of course in jewelry, while the color itself is surging back in to popularity in the fashion world. For the last few years gold has taken a backseat to other metallics like platinum and silver, but we are happy to report the fashion wheels have kept turning and brought gold back to the center of attention.  Right now gold is making a huge splash in makeup, clothing, shoes and jewelry. One of the reasons we love gold is because it makes a strong yet elegant statement and because the hue exudes luxury.

You could opt to wear gold in a number of different finishes like matte, tarnished or full wattage shimmer. For a casual fall look we suggest pairing tarnished gold wide leg trousers with a rich brown turtle neck. This look is perfect for fall with rich deep colors and that hint of glitz from the gold pants. For a more formal and show stopping look we recommend pairing a long-sleeved mini dress in bright shimmery gold, with black ankle boots. This look is sure to grab some attention, and ensure that you’re the belle of the ball.

Try The Trend Tips

It’s about time to slip in to some luxurious gold, but first here are a few tips to help you master this metallic trend.

As far as gold makeup is concerned, less is more. If you’re not careful you could end up looking like a certain member of the cast of Star Wars.  A light dusting of gold enhanced bronzer should add just enough light catching shimmer to your face.

Try gold accents, like nails, shoes, scarves and handbags. Gold is the perfect color for adding a little touch of glamor to your ensemble.

Do try head to toe gold; just remember to add an accent belt or something that will add a pop of color to avoid looking washed out. For example, we love the idea of a gold jumpsuit with a sleek black belt in the middle to break up the look a bit.