2018 as indeed been an incredible year in the fashion industry. There are so many stories that 2018 as brought in the fashion industry and some of these stories are going to be imprinted in our minds for a long time to come.

This year like every other year, we have seen fashion interpreted in many diverse ways by stylists, designers and fashion brands. New trends sprang up this year and these trends have proven that they are here to stay and they are being replicated in different forms.

Just before the year wraps up how about we take a trip into some of the biggest fashion stories of the year 2018.

The royal wedding that held in May 2018 clearly as to be on this list. The Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle proved to the world that she can be a fashion goddess. Her wedding dress was designed by the creative director of Givenchy and she made a statement with the dress. The royal nuptials will go down in the history of 2018 as one of the biggest fashion stories as guests and other royals attended the wedding dressed graciously.

Another fashion story that made rounds this year as to be the loss of designer Kate Valentine. This story is one that sent chills and goosebumps down everyone’s spine, it was a huge loss to the fashion industry. Kate Valentine is the founder of the brand Kate Spade died in June. She was said to have taken her own life by committing suicide in NYC. Judith Leiber, a French designer also passed on this year at the old age if ninety seven.

Another big fashion story this year is one of the biggest political fashion statements. This year saw some celebrities and big business owners communicate their notion about the things happening in politics via their wardrobe choice.

Also another big news in fashion this year had to be at the Met Gala. The fashion highlight of the year in
May had a lot of celebrities put their creative foot forward as they stepped out in huge headgear. Many designers used this night at an opportunity to re-brand and welcome new-comers to the fashion world.

This also gave an opportunity to some of the well-known names in fashion a chance to take their brands to the next level.

All the fashion stories this year have given a face lift to the fashion industry for 2018. Though this year premiered a lot of fashion innovations, we’re excited to see what is to come in 2019.