Jewelry merges with tech

A London-based brand, Misho, has unveiled the latest collaboration of fashion and technology with earring accessories for AirPods. Simply slip the earrings on a pair of AirPods for a unique accessory option.

The founder of Misho, Suhani Parekh, is known for her structured gold jewelry that is larger than life and worn by celebrity clients including supermodel Emily Ratajkowski. Parekh just unveiled her latest creation of earrings for AirPods in three styles including a round geometric designed Pebble Pods costing $120 (€102) and the simple Minimal/Active Tall Pods that wraps around the base.

These AirPod earrings are made of 22K gold and were designed by Parekh as a solution to a problem she was having with her AirPods popping out. You can learn more about this new tech jewelry accessory on the Misho website.