One of the most difficult fashion dilemmas is finding the perfect date outfit. You can spend hours in your closet, at the mall or raiding your best friend’s cloths and still come up empty handed.  You’re looking for something special and memorable but still effortless, chic and sexy.  Well in order to find the perfect date outfit you have to find what makes you feel sexy and confident. Because, confidence, along with long lasting lip stick, is the best accessory for any date. If you feel like you look good, chances are your date will pick up on your positive vibes.

If you’re going on an outdoors date, it’s important to take the weather condition into account. If it’s in the summer heat, try pairing high waist shorts and a crop top together for a chic and flirty look.  If you’re prepping for a cold weather outing than, try skinny jeans with knee high boots and a layered top. This look will keep you nice and toasty and looking hot for your date.

For an evening dinner date, a flirty cut out dress is always a sweet and simple option. It’s still sexy without exposing too much skin and it’s perfect for any dinning décor.  If you’re feeling a little bolder and vixen-esque, then try combining a black mini dress with a bright neon blazer. This ensemble screams sexy; however the blazer polishes off the look and adds a much needed pop of color.

Try The Trend Tips

Getting ready for date night can be fun, but it can also be stressful at the same time. Looking your best is always a priority, and with these tips your sure to avoid a date night fashion disaster.

Don’t wear shoes that hurt your feet ladies. Although your legs look killer in your new red 5 inch heels, a limping date that constantly whines about her feet isn’t the sexiest way to spend the evening. Before you go out, test your shoes around the house for an hour or two, walk around and make sure your feet won’t have you writing in pain at the end of the date.

Don’t get a new hair cut the day of your date, if your just getting a trim and having your hair styled normally that’s fine. But chopping off your hair into the newest hairstyle trend right before a date can be risky. If you hate it then you’re stuck with trying to conceal it. Instead try adding different hair accessories, like a fun head band, or removable hair extensions.  These are all less permanent and less risky ways to dress up your hair do.