In the last episode for TLC’s bridal fashion series, ‘Say Yes To The Dress’, a bride budgeted $5300 for her “dark fairy” dress, only to receive her family’s intense disapproval.

The dress featured sheer long sleeves, a plunging neckline, and a much darker overall hue than a traditional wedding dress.

When Hayley Paige was first asked about what her mother would think of her dress, which she described as “beautiful, very very pretty”, she answered, “I think she’ll probably kinda like this one. I think this is not as different as she’s anticipating.”

As she walks out of the dressing room to meet her family, though, it becomes obvious that it’s their reactions that Hayley wasn’t anticipating.

“It kinda looked like I dreamed a genie,” one of them laughs during the interview. Meanwhile, her own mother says, “I don’t love it. The open back isn’t her, the cleavage isn’t her. Not a fan.”

“We are definitely in the right direction,” she says. Looks like her family begs to differ.