The flannel shirt is a classic closet staple. If you’re one of those people who have about 20 flannels, it is probably your default shirt for all. You can wear it unbuttoned over a T-shirt, or buttoned-up and tucked into jeans. But its time to spice up things a bit.

Here are fresh and fun ways to rework the flannel. Pick your favorite outfit below and start rocking it.

Pair Your Flannel With Corduroy Pants

This Fashionista rocked her flannel shirt with camel-coloured bottoms and accessorized with pops of yellow to continue the golden vibes. The addition of a white male with a low block heel makes this outfit look classy, chic and modern, rather than frumpy and dated.

Wear your flannel with a skirt

Flannel and jeans are so predictable, so why not try flannel and skirt which is unexpected. Wear your shirt the way you would wear any button-down and tuck it into either a pencil skirt or a flared A-line skirt like the one the fashionista.

This combination will make your casual flannel look fancy, but the business-appropriate look is less stuffy than when you’re wearing a stark white button-down. Finish up your look with a red boot (to go with your red flannel) and sunglasses, then step into the office like a boss babe

Layer Your Flannel

Flannels, unlike bulky wool sweaters, are optimized for layering. This street style star killed the look as she wore her flannel over a graphic pullover, then paired it with a leather moto jacket with a furry trim on top.

So that the layers wouldn’t overwhelm her figure, she made the jacket hit right at her hips while the flannel peeked out just a little. Trendy elements such as blue sunglasses and a unique pair of boots will give this lovely outfit an A-plus in fashion.

Half-Tuck Your Flannel


The oversize flannel embodies the cozy feel of your boyfriend’s but fits well around your shoulders and arms. Instead of pairing this top with jeans, try something different with a pair of joggers. Not only are joggers loose-fitting. Drop your sneakers and a kitten mule for an even more fashion-forward look.