By definition the sweetheart neckline is a design that features two curves over the bust line, which drop and meet in the middle creating a heart shape. This heart shape is notoriously flattering for both large and small busted women. The sweetheart neckline is a favorite among wedding and bridal wear, and now-a-days it is popping up in red carpet fashion, runway pieces and everyday street wear.  There are variations of this trend like the plunging sweetheart neckline which, features a deep v neck, showing off an ample amount of cleavage. Or the sweetheart neckline mesh shirt, which features mesh over the shoulder and arms but has fabric over the bust that resembles the cut of the sweetheart neckline. Not matter what variation of this trend you try you’re sure to look sexy, sweet and chic.

For ladies with a smaller bust we recommend going for a deep sweetheart neckline. This is because you’ll be able to rock the deep v cut, without looking trashy or over exposing your assets. Pair your deep sweetheart top with a high waist mini skirt and simple yet chic black pumps. This look is perfect for a night out with the ladies, or a date night with your man. If you have a larger bust we suggest sticking with the classic sweetheart neckline, which will play up your assets perfectly. We recommend pairing your sweetheart top with a full skirt in order to make sure your ensemble is balanced.

Try The Trend Tips

If you’re looking for a unique yet classic way to draw attention to your upper assets, we recommend going with a sweetheart neckline. Below you’ll find a few tips to help keep you looking sweet and chic.

Remember to be mindful of your bra when wearing a sweetheart neckline. For small chested ladies you’ll probably be able to get away with going braless. However, large chested ladies should invest in a strapless bra with silicon padding to prevent slippage though out the day.

Sweetheart necklines are also very popular in swimwear and help give your figure a boost. So don’t forget to look for a sweetheart cut bikini in spring or summer time.