Beautifying can be tough, but don’t freak out! There’s a way to remedy all those makeup mishaps, yes even the worst of them. So, take a deep breathe because were here to discuss with you three common beauty troubles, and the quick fix.

Hair Meltdown
We’ve all been there when we do our hair in the morning (which takes a lot of time by the way) just to step out into the hot and humid and end up with unwanted frizz and a poof. Well, with that being said before your day is ruined we have a simple tip for you so don’t panic! Take a wet paper towel and dampen your hair. If your office restroom has a blow dryer in it, use it. Re blow dry your roots and ends for the perfect fix.

Earring 911
This is the absolute worst, when you just notice that your earring has lost it’s back or that you’re only wearing one earring now because the other one has vanished. But, if you are lucky enough to have your earring still in place with just the backs missing a temporary fix is within the simple removal of your pencils eraser. Remove the eraser from the back of your pencil and place it on the back of your earring although it may not look the best it is a temporary fix and when your hair is down no one will even notice!

Lipstick On Your Teeth
Alright ladies this seems to be one of the biggest common occurrences when getting ready for work or a big night out. To get rid of the lipstick from your teeth put your finger in your mouth rubbing it up against your teeth, trust us it works and it’s a huge lifesaver. Desperate times call for desperate measures!