As the United States takes a much-needed turn towards true equality for all, the fashion industry has been seeing huge and powerful changes as well. Equality in fashion has been lacking, too, and there are designers out there who are looking to change that. Melanie Elturk is one of those persons, and as a Muslim female, she was simply sick and tired of the lack of high-quality headscarves for Muslim women in the U.S. That’s when she decided to start Haute Hijab in 2010.

The birth of a great idea often comes from some sort of adversity, and for Elturk, it was overcoming prejudice in the fashion industry. “There is no more time for women to be living anything but authentically.” Elturk says. “I was sick of putting together such an amazing, stylish outfit and then not having the hijab to match. The hijab often hindered my style choices and I hated that.”

She says she couldn’t believe the amount of Muslim women actually ditching their hijab because of the lack of options. That’s when she felt compelled to make a change, and she has done that and more. The brand just released a new luxury collection made of 100% pure silk, embellished with lace, pearls, and more for weddings graduations or other special events.