So by now, unless you’ve been living under a rock, you probably know that thicker, fuller brows are in the top beauty trends recently. Celebs, models, and regular girls are letting their eyebrows grow out to hopefully makeup up for the damage done in recent years (we’re talking to you, 90’s eyebrows) and appear youthful at the same time. The beauty of bigger, fuller brows is more than a trend; it takes years off of your age and opens up your eyes.


Cara Delevingne has become the poster child for this eyebrow trend but realistically speaking, not everyone was blessed with that much eyebrow hair or even the shape, for that matter, so we’ll teach you a few tricks that will work with your own shape to get those fuller brows.

Fill in the sparse areas. Look in the mirror and define your eyebrow shape. Usually, you have a few brow hairs that grow in random spots around or under the brow bone but wherever the lowest hair is placed within the actual brow shape, that is the indicator of where your shape ends. After you’ve determined this, fill in the spots where the sparse areas and the inner half with the lighter color of your eyebrow duo. Remember to use a light hand and draw the brow hairs in an upward motion to create the illusion of real hairs.

Define the brow with a darker color. Use the darker color in the eyebrow duo to really make an impact with your brow. The darker color should only be used on the outer half, usually where the arch begins. Here you can make your brow as thick as you want and create an arch if you are lacking one so play around until you get the perfect shape. Brow powders usually come with a brush but if you don’t have one, use an angled brush. This brush is typically used for applying eyeliner and has the perfect angle and thickness to create brow hairs.

Powder them up. The easiest step of all but it’s incredibly important to keeping your eyebrows looking the same. Take a universal powder press down on the brows just like you would with your foundation. It’ll prevent them from melting off when life happens (because we know you work out) so don’t skip out on this step.