When you think of chic color, brown isn’t always the color that comes to mind. It’s not the most exciting color and it doesn’t pair well with many other colors either making it somewhat hard to work with. It’s also mainly wearable only in the colder months so it’s out of sight for at least half of the year.

Although brown gets a bad rap for being the hardest color to style, there’s more you can do with it than you think. Check out these three different ways you can wear this season’s trending color.

A brown coat. Nude, tan, and brown are the trendiest coat colors at the moment. If you decide to go for a true brown, make sure it’s on the darker side so you can pair it with other colors. A brown oversized coat looks great with navy blue and black as well as white so you have a bit more options on what to wear underneath.

Wide-leg pants. There’s nothing that looks chicer than a girl in a pair of wide-leg pants and they just so happen to look great in a tan or light brown color. Pair the pants with a beige top or crop top and you’re ready to look great at the office and the happy hour after work.

Leather skirt. Wearing leather as a skirt isn’t something most of us generally wear but there’s just something about a taupe brown skirt that we love. It gives a rustic vibe to any look but needs to be balanced out with something more proper on top. Pair the skirt with navy blue (brown and navy are bff’s) sweater or button-down and some pointy heels and you’re good to go.

To see more ways you can wear brown, check out the video!
(Cover image: clochet.com)