Lots of people prefer fall weddings because of the weather. When it’s not your own, there are some guidelines should follow, with some things you probably don’t think about until the last minute.

Some people have theme weddings, which may lead you to what you wear based on the theme. But when a wedding doesn’t have a theme, there’s definitely some basic rules to keep in mind. After all, it’s always better to be over-dressed than under-dressed at a wedding.

Even if a wedding is a casual one, you should never wear anything like jeans. Say a wedding is hot so you don’t want to wear a nice casual outfit, opt for linens. If the wedding location is somewhere like a church, then dressing more conservative is key, so it’s always great to have a sweater or scarf to throw on.

Everyone wonders if you can wear white to a wedding, but what about black. When it comes to tradition, black is something you shouldn’t wear to a wedding. Nowadays, people wear both black and white who aren’t for tradition. But out of respect for the bride and groom, you should let them be the ones that get to steal the show, so steering away from bright whites and blacks is a good option.

If there’s a black ensemble that you’ve been dying to wear, make sure you style it with a pop of color or an accessory to give it more life! If you want to wear something more light, opt for a neutral color like a tan or beige.

When it comes down to it, it’s all about the bride and groom and what they prefer, so if they tend to be more conservative, its best to stick to tradition!