There’s nothing quite like that southern hospitality and charm. There’s also nothing like some of these beauty products to help bring out your inner-most southern girl. Whether you’re a southern girl by way of living, or by way of heart, here are five must have beauty products that will make you say, “where have you been all my life?!”

1. Go-to lip color: this lip color should be something that works well with your skin-tone and hair color. It’s versatile. It can either stand alone as a show-stopper, or wake up your look if it’s subdued.

2. Red lipstick: I mean, c’mon ladies…we all know red lipstick is the statement piece of lipstick shades. Make a bold statement, just like a southern girl would, and let that red pop.

3. An SPF moisturizer: Find a moisturizer that not only makes your skin glow, but also has SPF in it so you keep your face protected from the sun while rocking that southern glow.

4. Your staple smell: You know what you’ve got going on! Not all perfumes smell the same on all ladies, depending on your natural smell from the oils your skin produces. Find that smell that subtly, yet boldly, reminds the world of the belle that you are.

5. Go-to nail color: Just like your go-to lip color, find a nail color that you consistently rock that goes well with your skin-tone as well as many of the outfits you tend to wear.