Have you ever wondered how celebrities look SO perfect in EVERY photo? Turns out, there’s a set of rules they follow and now, you can too! From top to bottom, start looking on point and forever photogenic in every picture from here on out!

To get started you have to learn how to squinch, yes we said squinch. This is the best trick in the book when it comes to taking photos. So, what does it exactly mean? Squinching is all in the eyes and happens when you lift and tighten your lower eyelid and let your top eyelid hang down just a tad. And when you focus on tightening your bottom eyelid your top one usually comes down naturally.
Next up, pursing your lips. Pursing is what you get in between a serious and smiling look. In order to try this trick pretend like you’re trying to whistle without actually opening your mouth.
However, if pursing your lips isn’t your thing then instead of a normal smile just go for a big smile. It immediately shows that you are a happy person, you love having people around you, and it avoids having any forced fake smiles.
And once you have mastered that, you’re going to want to wear your hair to one side. This tends to frame your face while highlighting your jawline creating a very flattering angle.
With that being said, you’re going to want to know your good side. Once you have nailed which side is your good side your going to want to be sure to pose to that side only.
Now, when it comes to positioning your body, put one hand on your hip. This will be sure to balance your frame, give your photo depth, and it will make your arm look skinnier.
Lastly, cross your ankles. Crossing your ankles while standing gives your body more of a vertical line which will make you appear slimmer.