Tan France To Host New Competitive Fashion Show

We must be dreaming because this television show collaboration can’t be real.

It was recently announced that fashion designer and model Alexa Chung and star of Queer Eye and fashion designer Tan France will be hosting a brand new fashion designer competition show on Netflix. The show, which will be known as “Next In Fashion,” will have these two powerful hosts judging a total of 18 designers on various challenges.

They are competing for both the title of the winner and for a grand prize total of $250,000. Additionally, they will be able to showcase their designs with Net-a-Porter, a well-known online luxury fashion retailer.

The 18 competitors aren’t just a random set of designers, either; they are all rumored to be respectively known for their various work with major brands and dressing A-list celebrities.

(Photo Credit: Paige Soviet)

While the launch date for “Next In Fashion” has not yet been announced, we do know there will be ten episodes in total. It is one of several upcoming fashion shows, including a revamp of “Project Runway,” an Amazon series with Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn, and a new Rachel Zoe series.

For more information on Tan France’s and Alexa Chung’s upcoming fashion competition show on Netflix, take a look at the video above.