Nature inspired fashion is huge this year, we’ve seen everything from ocean wave detailing to big and bold floral patterns. Fashion that mimics nature awakens an excitement within the fashion world, there’s a sense of organic-ness that’s refreshing to see. Designers at fashion week are drawing inspiration from natural textures like burlap, leather, and fur. We have also seen an en flux of natural earthy prints like rich brown leaves and grass green plaid. The trick to mastering this trend without looking like you’re going hunting is to blend nature inspired pieces with modern silhouettes that freshen the style.

For a spring time outfit we love the look of pairing bold floral print pants with a jewel toned shirt. For spring this outfit is right on trend, with the nature inspired print and the rich yet bright jewel tone. For something more subtle you could opt to combine a palette of colors that are close to nature. Blend pieces in shades of sand, coral, leaves or even animal inspired prints. The best part about this trend is that it’s multi-seasonal and can be easily adapted to suite any personal style.

Try The Trend Tips

Ready to get inspired by the natural elements around you, we hope so, and to help you master this trend we have a few tips.

Don’t be overly literal, just because the trend is nature inspired does not mean it can’t be sophisticated and classy. For a more formal affair think colors instead of prints and choose from a group of earthy hues, this will still channel the trend without taking it too far.

Remember animal prints also fall under the nature inspired fashion category, so throw on some sultry animal print too add some pizzazz to this style.