Vogue magazine has come out with a small series called “73 Questions” that interviews popular celebrities, like Sarah Jessica Parker and Blake Lively, for example, and ask questions about little things we’ve always wanted to know.


In the fashion world, one of the most mysterious and larger than life personalities is definitely Vogue’s editor-in-chief Anna Wintour. We all know Anna as the woman with the bob and dark glasses that sits at every major fashion show’s front row but that’s about it. She’s done countless interviews and will answer any questions related to fashion but to get her to open up about her personal life is nearly impossible. Or is it?

Luckily for every true fashion fan out there, Vogue pointed the camera at their editor-in-chief for a 73 question interview that touches on topics like what Anna’s biggest phobia, the word she wishes everyone in fashion would stop using, and what she would never wear, among 70 other questions.

Although this series seems a bit too staged, we’ll take what can get for insight on the real Anna Wintour and not the one portrayed on The Devil Wears Prada. Watch the video for the full 73 questions interview.
(Cover image: Untitled Magazine )