Getting back into the daily grind after a long holiday vacation or even a few days off can really take a toll on a girl. Not only do you have to go back to work, but you have to look presentable (something that did not concern you when you were binge watching Netflix) so getting back into a routine tends to be difficult. But if you really think about it, trying to get that perfect cat eye at 7 in the morning has never really been easy to begin with.

Because we know how hard getting your makeup on after vacation, we have a tutorial for you that’ll make your life easier for the first week after having some time off.
Start off with properly moisturized skin. We know you know this but let’s not get lazy. Hydrating your skin means your foundation or BB cream will stick around much longer and will give you that glow we all want during the winter.
Use a BB or CC cream. Don’t make your life harder than it has to be: apply a BB or CC cream to prime, cover, and protect. No need to apply an SPF, prime, and then foundation if you can do it all at once.
Conceal. If you have any spots or dark circles, be sure to cover them after you apply your base. Some women tend to do it before but doing it after ensures you get a bit of coverage before applying concealer.
Eyes. Just curl your lashes and go. If you absolutely need mascara, apply a coat or two but curling them in general makes your eyes look more awake. Additionally, you can take a brown colored eye shadow and apply it at the root of the lashes to make them look plentiful.
Eyebrows. If you have bushy eyebrows, just apply a clear gel to set them in place for the day. If not, use a colored eyebrow gel to make them look fuller but still natural.
Lips and cheeks. Use a lip tint to give your lips a bit of natural color and put some on your cheeks as well. It saves you time and ensures your lips and cheeks match.
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