If you have a love for fashion, you would probably know as a part of our DNA that we like to pay close attention to the next item or trend that takes on the fashion world. Oh so Chic! You pay close attention to what’s going on the streets especially during fashion month!

There are many favorites this year one of them being scrunchies. A simple, yet straight out of the 80s trend that really came on strong this year. The scrunchies is also evolving with variations of the classic style, including spiral hair-ties that resemble the old-fashioned wired-telephone cord.

Another big trend, kappa sportswear. If you like street style, you would know this was huge this year. Some styles are still popular now including hoodies, sweatpants, and tracksuits. Most of these items were paired in a way that made it very chic looking.

Another huge trend, were cropped wide legged trousers. Definitely gave us a 70s vibe and models on the runway changed peoples minds from being an awkward length. It looks great paired with high heel boots or sandals of choice.

What is more chic than sparkles and sequins? This was a trend that definitely brought out everyone’s inner girly-girl, what could be better?

Floral prints came back strong this year. Of course flowers are chic and again these prints go along with that 70 vibe, definitely groundbreaking!

The power blazer was another one of my favorites. Usually paired on top of lace tops and silk camisole, it made a huge statement this year and gave me such a boss lady vibe. The great thing about chic trends is that they are timeless, in my opinion. So any of these could work all year and for the years to come!