Enzymes are chemicals that are showing up more and more in our skincare products these days. Their main function is to exfoliate the skin as well help with anti-inflammation so that brighter skin can shine through. While there are many enzymes out there, there are some that benefit your skin more than others. If you want to find out which ones will work best for your skin, here’s a guide for which ones you need to look out for:

Mature Skin. Mature tends to be dry as well as having some wrinkles so the enzyme “protease” will help most as it contains vitamin A to smooth out fine lines. You can either use an exfoliating product that contains pumpkin or make a DIY pumpkin mask at home.

Uneven skin tone. Malic acid is the superstar enzyme that will help with discoloration as well as textured skin due to high levels of alpha hydroxy acid. It can be found in green apples so look for products containing this delicious fruit.

Inflammation. To get rid of skin inflammation, pineapples are your best friend. The enzyme found in pineapples is called “bromelain” and it’s one of the strongest enzymes you can find naturally that has plenty of scientific backup proving its efficiency.

Acne. We all suffer from breakouts here and there but if acne is a real issue for you, cranberry is the way to go. The enzymes in cranberries have antiseptic properties that help fight breakouts which in turn gives you clearer skin.

To see which products contain these enzymes, check out the video!
(Image courtesy of: livescience.com)