Whenever rain is in the forecast, we can’t help but to pout and sulk over the bad hair day that is to come. When it rains, you can say goodbye to slick straight hair or that amazing blowout you just got done yesterday and say hello to big, frizzy hair. And if for whatever reason you forgot your umbrella, wet hair is just the cherry on top.

For those rainy days we love any hairstyle that is brushed back and set in in place—like this French braid. To see how you can style a French braid bun for a rainy day, try out this simple hairstyle.

What you’ll need:

2 small clear elastics
A handful of bobby pins

Now follow these quick steps:

Step 1. Create a French braid. Start around the crown of the head and end it just before the start of your neck or wherever you’d like to place your hair bun. Secure with an elastic.

Step 2. Braid the remainder of the hair and secure with an elastic.

Step 3. Wrap the braid in a bun and secure with as many bobby pins as needed to keep in place.

Step 4. Spray some hairspray around the bun and French braid to keep it from frizzing.

To see a step by step tutorial, check out the video!
(Cover image: Huffington Post)