With Beyoncé being such an iconic queen bee these days, it’s no surprise that she’s on the latest cover of Vogue magazine. She is featured looking glowing for the gods, and it’s all about her heritage and her legacy. Of course, it’s a legendary photo shoot for her, because she is featured alongside her children and it’s all about the real, raw side of her.

She talks about in that issue how she wants to speak her mind and stay as true to herself as possible. She believes that seeing herself at her highest potential and having no ceiling, as her mother taught her. She even did her own hair for the shoot keeping it so real. In Another photo, she was seen with a floral headdress and stunning choker necklace.

Her makeup is natural and glowing, going along with the message she is sending out her cover really sends a message about living life to the fullest and with it being her fourth cover on Vogue, it definitely makes history.

Beyoncé’s photo shoot was one for history because, it’s the first time in American vogue photo has been shot by an African-American photographer. Beyoncé is not only one to look up to, but to look out for!