The 1920’s era Great Gatsby style has become very popular within every genera of fashion from swimwear to bridal and everything in between.  This style is a salute to the old fashion glamour of the 1920’s. The rich fabrics, lush embellishment and meticulous detailing are what makes us really love this style.  At the most recent runway shows we have seen little hints of Gatsby Glamour, from long gloves, to flapper fringe. The thing most women worry about when wearing this style is how to avoid looking costumy, the key to keeping your look wearable is to pair 1920’s style elements with modern pieces.

For a great way to rock this trend at the office in a unique way take a cue from the prohibition era gangster style and add in a mens neck tie or even suspenders to your look. This is a great way for you to add a little bit of personality into your work wear as well as a touch of the 1920’s ear style.  For a more formal take on this style think about looking for pieces that pay tribute the romantic sense of fashion in the 1920’s. Look for pieces with lace,  flowy fabrics and that have bead work or some type of detailed appliques.

Try The Trend Tips

The 1920’s Great Gatsby inspired trend is super fun and worth trying out this year, to help make sure you look your best in this look here are a few key tips.

Think about going small and only adding little touches of the 1920’s style like an embellished headband or a long string of pearls. Even these little touches can make a big impact on your outfit.

Look for garments with a drop waist, this cut of dress was super popular in the time period and is still very chic in todays fashion world as well.