Ashlee Muhammad is a fashion designer and she is proof that limitation comes from the mind, not in one’s physical disability. She was born blind in one eye and suffered a little from this disability while growing up. She was constantly bullied while growing up for being “different” and this, in turn, made her long to fit in.

She trailed with this intention to fit in the cause of the bullying however it dawned on her that she wasn’t born to fit in but to stand out. This pushed her to following her dream and today she is one fast-rising and emerging designer. Her brand is BeEyeConic and she is using her brand as a medium for social activism. She is promoting and advocating for self-love and also women empowerment through her brand.

Today Ashlee Muhammad is the style curator for Harlem Haberdashery–a trendy boutique in NYC and Ashlee Muhammad’s style which is definitely unique is breaking through in NYC. There is definitely no stopping for Ashlee Muhammad. She hasn’t allowed her physical disability to be of limitation to her instead it has propelled her, even more, to take on new bounds. With her Brand EyeConic, she is not only designing beautiful pieces but also stirring up and empowering women through Fashion.

At Harlem Haberdashery where she is the style curator, she administers, manages and organizes the collections in the trendy boutique. The fact that she is blind in one eye hasn’t deterred her from pursuing what she loves and this is inspirational.

As a young lady with a physical disability yet doing so well for herself, Ashlee Muhammad as clearly been an inspiration to hundreds of young ladies and women out there today. She has indeed proved that physical disability shouldn’t be a constraint in doing what you love and have passion for it, while promoting self-love.

Ashlee Muhammad is clearly one name to watch out for in the bigger space as there is no stopping to this talented young designer