Ok, so it sounds a little odd but coloring your hair with chalk is the newest temporary hair color trend. This do it yourself hairstyle is creative and colorful without the longer term color commitment. 

Somewhere along the line hairstylists and colorists discovered that there are soft pastels that you can use to color your hair.  Lauren Conrad sported the style and it soon took off, leaving this beauty secret out in the open to be enjoyed by ladies everywhere. This trend is perfect for the do it yourself fashionista, no trips to the salon, no great expense and no complicated instruction booklets.

Try The Trend Tips

Think you’re ready to try the hair chalking technique? Here are a few tips to help you along the way.

DO NOT use oil based pastels, they have a tendency to stain your hair and everything else for that matter.

DO NOT put styling creams or waxed based style products in chalked hair. It will create a messy situation, no fun at all. Hair spray is best if you need some extra control over your tresses.

If you have blond or light colored hair it may take more than one shampoo to completely remove all the chalk from your hair. If necessary try shaking or brushing the chalk out of your hair before you shampoo, just to help ease the chalk removal process.

Make sure to thoroughly condition your hair before and after chalking, the chalk process tends to be a bit drying for your hair.

Avoid wearing light colored clothes when your hair is chalked, just in case any flecks of chalk happen to fall out of your hair.