Everybody loves a good pedicure. What’s all the rage right now, is fish pedicures. They are popping up everywhere and there are so many spots around the world that have them.

Whether you fear the creatures or love them, there are so many benefits behind this pedicure that will leave your feet the smoothest they have ever been. It has even been called therapy for your feet.

A fish pedicure is where you dip your feet into a tank full of fish and then you just let the fish do their job by simply cleaning your feet. Your feet are guaranteed to feel smooth and soft afterwards.

The fish are called Garra Rufa aka, doctor fish. The reason fish are used is because they are great at eating away your dead skin without it hurting. Some say it feels like a light tickle but nothing crazy.

If you have or know anybody with psoriasis, fish therapy has been known to help. The pedicure helps you let loose and have a good time as well! It’s guaranteed to make you giggle and it’s been known to relieve your stress.

Fish pedicures also cost the same price as an average pedicure so they are very affordable. Dive out of your comfort zone and try this crazy beauty trend.