The Elle Style Awards were held earlier this week and gave famous Brits a chance to showcase their great style. The awards come right after London Fashion Week so great style must surely folow. While some stars looked amazing in their attire, others left many scratching their heads as to why they were at a style award ceremony in the first place.

Here are our picks for the best and worst dressed at the Elle Style Awards 2014.



Emma Watson
Emma wore a beautiful black Giambattista Valli Couture skirt with origami folds in the front. She paired this with a sequin top that gave her all black everything look more life. Emma is usually a favorite at every award show and this was not the exception.


We never thought that dark yellow could look so good until we saw it on Poppy. She wore an Emilia Wichstead lace crop top and skirt that really brightened her whole look. The solid colored skirt complimented the shiny, lacey crop top because it balanced it out.



Katy doesn’t usually make it to our best dressed lists but she found a way to do so this time. She wore an off-white floral dress that very proper and don’t show too much of anything. Her accessories were the most talked about because she seemed to be wearing an engagement ring. Could it be that she’s newly engaged? She almost didn’t make best dressed because of her awkward hair cut that was a bob but had a bad fringe. We’re hoping she fixes that fringe before any other appearances.


Elle Style Awards 2014 - Outside Arrivals

Rita wore a white Marchesa dress that confused us a bit. It was beautiful but only from the waist up; from the bottom down it was just overbearing. Her hair and makeup were done perfectly and we think she could have made best dressed if it weren’t for the big lower part of her dress.



We’ve been on a roller coaster ride with Jessy style-wise and this time we’ve plumitted all the way to the bottom. She wore a very short salmon dress that seems to have gone through a shredder. Adding insult to injury, she wore thigh high lace boots that started where her dress ended and just left everybody in a awe. Sorry Jessy, you’re our worst dressed.