(Photo Credit: Louis Vuitton)

The Most Bougie Summer Accessory Is Here

Just when you thought the fashion industry and its designers couldn’t get any more extra, Louis Vuitton designed and released a volleyball that costs $2,650. Yes, you read that right: $2,650.

And we have to be honest in saying that we are here for it. While the price is outrageous, the volleyball designed by Louis Vuitton is cuter than we could have thought possible. When describing the volleyball on their site, they wrote, “Pop colors and different-sized Monograms bring a playful quality to this Monogram Giant volleyball.”

While we know that the whole designer volleyball situation is ridiculous, we can’t help but love it. If we had almost $3k to spend on a volleyball, we would probably choose this one. And at the end of the day, it’s not the most ridiculous thing ever created by a designer, and especially not Louis Vuitton.

In addition to the volleyball, the brand is responsible for creating a designer pumpkin, logoed car, children’s backpacks, skull tattoos, wallpaper, dog coats, band-aids, trash bags, and many other ridiculous objects.