Celebrity make-up artist Sir John who has been Beyoncé’s make-up artist since 2010 explained the make-up technique he uses in doing the make-ups for the hip-hop queen. He took the time to explain in details the basic rudiments that’s gives his unique work the eye-catching appeals it gets from fans.

For partition, he tried to explain how he blended up the smoky eyes, lightening face, matching the hat, blonde hair etc and all was done to give it an extremely sexy look. John explained that the use of the liquid lipstick was to give it a captivating and vivid appearance with the help of the masked dark blue color beneath the wine-colored lipstick.

He advised against the use of blue lining for the people who are light-skinned like Beyoncé. Taking time to also go through the video “Haunted” released in the year 2013, he explained the reason for the use of light reflective metallic eye, stained lips upon the wavy hair.

For the video “Blow” in 2013, he described that for the dark light background, you would definitely need a light show up for the lip stick. In the 2016 “Formation” video, he gave reasons why he used the wet glossy eyes, black eye brow which houses a lot of contouring layouts.

In the video “Sorry” in the same year, he stated that there was no foundation but white tribal paint dots on the top of the eye brow with no eye lashes and minimum eye-liner. The video “6 Inches,” there was also no foundation.

John explained that he used the baby oil to give the face a reflective quality. He gave it the wet smoky eye with wet eye-liner. There was also no lip stick but chapstick to blend it in.

For “Daddy Lessons” in that same year, the two eye-liner, a purple on the top and navy below it. He elaborated on the steps used in many make-up strategies to create a striking look. 

Despite his wide expertise and experience, he attested to the fact that multi-award Grammy winner does give him some tips in applying make ups. Beyonce is Currently married with children.