Pantone has named “Radiant Orchid” 2014’s official color! This lovely shade of purple has pink undertones making it perfect for every woman to wear no matter what the skin color is. This color will show up next year in almost everything beauty related; from clothes, to makeup, and interior design, Radiant Orchid will make itself seen.

Celebs and stylists have hinted at this color beforehand at the Spring 2014 runways so we had an idea that this color would be big. Kelly Osbourne had hints of this color in her hair which gave her a more feminine look. Jena Malone, Amy Adams, Emma Stone are among other celebrities who have already taken to this color at red carpets and movie premiers. Designers also included this color in their Spring 2014 runways, from Missoni to Burberry and Elie Saab, each designer displayed this color in their unique designs.

This color is sure to take over 2014 because it is a shade that almost every woman either likes or can appreciate and exudes femininity. Be sure to add this color to your Spring 2014 wardrobe to be just as radiant and Radiant Orchid.