Have you been wondering why the millennial pink is going crazy and why in the world wedding piercings are a thing? And maybe you’ve worn those rosy red tinted sunglasses but now they’re going viral with celebrities left and right wearing them. Some of the hottest fashion trends right now, it seems celebrities like Bella and Gigi Hadid are all rocking and picking up!

First, rose-colored sunglasses. They have been huge this summer and even going in to the fall they are staying on the game. The sunglasses can be any shape and style you desire so there are no limits!

They are also super fun and add a chic statement to an outfit. So many celebrities like Bella Hadid, Kaia Gerber, Noah Cyrus, Millie Bobby Brown, and Gigi Hadid have all rock different styles of the color. The sunglasses may not be good for UV protection, but they are great for photos and fashionable purposes! If you want to look cool, put on these rosy red colored glasses!

Another trend that is all over social media may want to make you run for the hills. Instead of the classic wedding ring, people are opting to get their ring finger pierced! Though it is a completely safe, professional body piercing, you probably either love or hate the idea of a ring piercing. It definitely strays away from tradition, but if you’re into dermal piercings… then go for it.

Last but not least, the millennial magnificent pink! Millennial pink has been quite popular for a while but it seems to be even trendy right now. Celebrities are rocking it like there’s no tomorrow so it’s definitely here to stay.

Even though ultraviolet was named the shade of 2018, pink still seems to be the craze. Gigi Hadid, Lea Michele, Rihanna, and Millie Bobby Brown have all been going for pinks on the red carpet. If you try out one of these trends, you can be sure you will look cooler than ever.